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invest with a team

DvyUp is a game-changing mobile app that will enable users to form, fund and manage real money investment clubs. DvyUp is on a mission to create an online community for investors that underscores pooling resources to minimize risks and educating novice investors on how to make sound investments via a thriving social network rooted in wealth building.


Approximately 84 percent of all stocks owned by Americans belong to the wealthiest 10 percent of households. That includes everyone’s stakes in pension plans, 401(k)’s and individual retirement accounts, as well as trust funds, mutual funds and college savings programs like 529 plans.

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DvyUp  makes the stock market more accessible to everyday Americans— allowing investors to divvy up the costs of stock purchases, lessening the overall risk for investors and providing a social network that provides educational tools and peer-to-peer dialogue. 

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DvyUp makes investing easy by allowing you to form

investment clubs with your friends, family, colleagues, classmates, teammates. Invest and manage a stock portfolio together. Simply propose, discuss and vote on trades which execute automatically on majority. Participate in the broader community by following top clubs and individuals for real-time access to ideas, and validate them with your trusted peers.

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